3D Design Engineering , 3D Scanning and Component Reverse Engineering

Our Services

Remote or at our facility; we are here to support your design and manufacturing needs.

3D Printing

We have a huge roster of 3D printers primed and ready to start printing your order as soon as we get it. We aim to offer fast bulk printing within 24 hours*.

For urgent bulk orders, we can arrange a “drip feed” UPS next day delivery service and send prints out to you as and when they are finished.

3D Scanning

3D scanning opens up a world of new and exciting opportunities for professionals in multiple industries. Compared to many other methods of data capture, it is one of the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective ways of achieving high-quality 3D models of all kinds of objects. Sprint Tech 3D has a long-standing reputation of providing cutting-edge 3D solutions for optimized performance and maximum output.

3D Modelling

Your 3D journey should always start with ensuring your products have been modelled correctly with accurate scaling and shapes. We produce ultra-realistic geometrically correct 3D models that allow us to render perfect replicas of your real product.

Complex Shapes

Our expert modellers are able to recreate the perfect model based on existing cad drawings, technical documents or existing images.

Reverse Engineering

Using market leading software we use 3D scan data to carefully extract surfaces to deliver highly accurate solid models.

Quality and Inspection

Comprehensive 3D data inspection. Full colour plots, feature analysis, GD&T and more.

3D Technologies Consultancy

We specialize in 3D Printing and Design for 3D Printing. Our services expand from prototyping and production to development and consulting. Our projects cover a wide range of demands. Our success has allowed us to develop strong and lasting partnerships so that we can provide optimal advice and solutions that meet your goals.

About Us

Sprint Tech 3d was formed in 2019 offering multi disciplinary 3d engineering services to clients throughout the UK. The company, which is based in The west midlands, and has over 20 years of experience in the Engineering Consultancy profession.

Sprint Tech 3d utilises the latest in engineering practice, being highly skilled, and well practised but using modern engineering solutions.

The company produces reliable 3d engineering designs focusing on schemes that are used by clients to implement cost effective and compliant solutions.

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