GE Healthcare Partners With Form Labs

GE Healthcare Partners With Formlabs To Improve Anatomical Model 3D Printing

If you’ve ever laid in an MRI or CT machine, you’ve probably stared at the GE logo on the equipment as there’s not much else to do while the images are taken. GE makes a lot of the imaging equipment used by radiologists and other healthcare providers so they make the perfect choice for Formlabs to partner with to advance their anatomical model 3D printing workflow.

3D printed patient-specific models can provide tangible value to surgeons and care specialists:

  • Practitioner training – Surgeons can practice difficult procedures on models of their patients rather than generic models, improving the accuracy of their training.
  • Surgical guides and preparation – Brackets and clamps can be printed to fit the patient’s contours and placed to allow surgical access or guide instruments exactly where they need to go.
  • Patient communication – Medical procedures are ultimately about the patient’s wellbeing; if they don’t understand a procedure, their anxiety can have a negative effect on their recovery. A physical model can go a long way in helping them visualize the procedure and feel more comfortable.>
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