Carpenter Technology acceleration with new Emerging Technology Center.

Carpenter Technology accelerates additive manufacturing technologies with new Emerging Technology Center

Carpenter Technology, a metal alloy manufacturer based in Pennsylvania, has established a new additive manufacturing facility known as the Emerging Technology Center (ETC), in Athens, Alabama.  

The 500,000-square-foot center will provide the capability to atomize specialty alloys into metal powder which can be used within additive manufacturing. Metal 3D printed parts created at the ETC can then be qualified for use industrial applications, including aerospace, transportation, and oil, gas & energy. 

“Our Emerging Technology Center is a critical component of Carpenter Technology’s future growth and development, and is aligned with our business strategy of evolving to an end-to-end solutions provider and influential leader in the AM area,” said Tony Thene, CEO of Carpenter Technology.

“We will also use it as a base to launch future investments as we expand our soft magnetics technology platform, scale-up additional powder operations and demonstrate a number of next-generation materials we have under development today.”

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