Transparent 3D Printing

Transparent 3D Printing: what are your options?

Transparency is sought after for many applications and in a wide range of industries: from the production of lenses for optical engineering or medical purposes to the manufacturing of aesthetically pleasing casings for products. 

With the recent leaps, additive manufacturing technology has made, 3D printing is increasingly being used to produce transparent objects. In this blog post, we will cover all you need to know about transparent 3D printing, the material and fabrication options available and how to overcome the challenges associated with this 3D printing technique in order for you to get the most transparent results possible. 

Transparent 3D printing refers to 3D printed objects of varying degrees of translucency. The results obtained range from translucent to relatively transparent. This diversity in results can be attributed to multiple factors including the nature of the 3D model, the type of 3D printer used, 3D printing settings, the choice of material, and the post production treatment. 


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